A Smarter Investment Approach for Serious Wealth

Known Unknowns

KNOWN UNKNOWNS   How could I say no? A group of fellow soccer parents wanted to field an adult, co-ed indoor soccer team.  I wasn’t at the get-together when they decided who

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Barbed Wires

BARBED WIRES It’s easy to forget that we’re investing for our long-term goals, many of which will not come to be for a decade or more.  Even older investors are often trying

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How to restart your retirement plan

HOW TO RESTART YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN A recent article on Fox Business reported shocking findings from the 2022 Fidelity State of Retirement Planning Study: “More than 40% of the general population put their retirement planning

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The Most Important Financial Question:

Do you have an investment approach you are confident will achieve your retirement, income, and legacy goals?

Servo Can Help.

Most people don’t know the best way to invest their money, so they can retire comfortably, avoid running out of money in retirement, and leave an inheritance to their heirs and/or

And even those who do have an idea of how to invest sensibly have a tough time sticking to their investment approach when it doesn’t seem to be working or when markets are in

This is why seeking the help of a trusted financial advisor like Servo can be one of your best

Servo founder Eric Nelson, who holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
designation, has over two decades of experience helping individuals and families to plan and
invest for their most important financial goals, saving them the time they’d typically have to
spend researching, studying, and staying on top of their finances.

Could Servo’s knowledge, experience, and expertise help you?


What We Do

We help individuals and families invest their hard-earned savings to maximize the chances that they can achieve their growth, spending, and inheritance goals.

We save our clients the significant amount of time that most people spend learning, researching, analyzing, and tracking their investments and investment results, freeing them up
to focus on more rewarding and enjoyable aspects of life.

We help our clients to be more confident about their financial and investment decisions and develop greater peace of mind that they are on the right track to success.

How We Do It

Every relationship we have started with a plan for how to get you from where you are to where you want to be-whether that’s simply growing your savings for an undetermined future need or achieving a specific goal like retirement, ongoing income to live on, or a legacy to your beneficiaries.

From that plan, we design an investment portfolio that has historically earned the rate of return you will need to achieve your goals. We review that portfolio’s historical range of returns with you—especially the downturns—preparing you for the inevitable investment uncertainties we will face.

And we review your investment progress with you regularly to ensure you are well-informed,
confident, and disciplined.

How We Invest

Instead of using outdated “actively-managed” funds or settling for simple index funds, we utilize an approach called Asset Class Investing. This modern, evidence-based approach to investing is rooted in decades of rigorous academic research and Nobel Prize-winning economic theories.

Asset Class Investing begins with broad diversification and low costs like traditional indexing but also seeks to achieve higher long-term returns using mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that target areas of the market (“asset classes”) with higher-expected returns— stocks in general, and small cap, value, and higher profitability companies within the stock market. Servo is an expert in tailoring Asset Class Investing to each client’s goals and tax situation.


Servo Wealth Management is an independent, Registered Investment Advisory (“RIA”) Firm.
Servo was founded in 2012 by Eric Nelson, CFA. Servo is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
but currently has clients in over a dozen states. Servo can work with clients throughout the US.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”), Servo Wealth Management has
a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interests. No hidden agendas, no
undisclosed commissions, just honest and ethical advice and experienced investment
management informed by some of the brightest minds in finance.

Why Servo? For years Eric worked at various firms in the financial industry and grew
increasingly frustrated with the ineptitude and dishonesty with which many financial advisors
manage their clients’ investments. Only after working at Equius Partners in California did he
discover how to deliver a better, more well-researched, evidence-based investment approach
that could help his clients make the most of their hard-earned wealth. In 2012, Eric left his
friends at Equius, moved back to Oklahoma City, and founded Servo. Armed with only a
passion for helping people and a deep understanding of investment markets and Asset Class
Investing, Servo was born.

*$500,000 Minimum Investment

*Accumulators under $500,000 considered on a case-by-case basis.

Free Consultation

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