I don’t talk a lot about my CFA designation.  I went through the difficult process years ago, and have held the CFA charter for over a decade.  Many advisors find the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation to be a better fit for them, but not me.

Much of the research I do to evaluate the current financial landscape, our portfolios, and alternative investment approaches requires (or is enhanced by) the training I received going through the CFA.

But the CFA isn’t as well known as other designations, despite the fact that it is by far the most rigorous (at least a three year process, only 1 in 5 who begin the process complete it, etc.).  The summary below provides you some detail about the CFA designation.

I am biased, but I believe all investors deserve to work with an independent, fee-only financial advisor who has attained the CFA designation.  If you have a friend or family member struggling to manage their own money, or working with a broker at one of the big box financial firms, or simply someone who they aren’t able to connect with or without the experience, knowledge, and training to handle their financial situation, feel free to introduce them to Servo.  I can fix those problems…