David Booth Reflects on Dimensional's 40th Anniversary

“Back when we started, we thought there was a better way to invest than what was on offer. We all shared a philosophy about markets and how they work. We believed that the transparency of markets and the way they incorporate all available information in real time could make investing fair to all. We believed we could add value—not just to the bottom line, but by helping change the industry for the good of all investors. We saw a better way, and we got to work.”

One of the things I appreciate most about Dimensional Fund Advisors is that they share my passion for helping investors achieve a better experience; one that allows individuals and families to accomplish more of their long-term goals and to do so with less worry, stress, and anxiety.  It’s fun to work with firms who are so aligned with you…

This quote comes from a new article written by DFA co-founder David Booth that explains what he has learned in the 40 years since he co-founded Dimensional Fund Advisors.  It is a beautiful summary of investment principles and beliefs that are, today, beyond debate, but unfortunately still widely unknown and infrequently practiced.  

Instead of reproducing the article in its entirety, I am going to provide the link here.  Within the article on DFA’s website are a number of videos that support or give greater detail to the points he makes that I cannot imbed in the blog, and are all well worth the time.  Please take a moment to read the article.

After reading the article, be sure to click here for a PDF of the article that is a one-page, condensed version and summarizes David’s points.  I would keep this PDF handy and refer to it any time you’re finding yourself questioning our approach or a current financial event has you concerned.  

Just as important, this PDF is easy to forward on to a friend or a family member and can help them discover a better way to invest.  When you get the inevitable question “what do you do with your money?” this is a great piece to forward.  If you prefer to mail things, or would simply like a hard copy for yourself, please reach out to me for copies of this PDF and I’m happy to mail you a few that you can keep and send out at your leisure.

Like David, I too see a way we can help investors to do better. We just have to teach them how.