Managing Principal & CEO

Eric graduated from Hobart College with a degree in Economics and had a successful basketball career that placed him among the all-time leading scorers in school history.  Eric's career in finance began during the "go-go growth" era of the 1990s as he started out working for a full commission brokerage firm and subsequently the investment group of a large regional bank. It was here that Eric learned about the significant conflicts of interest that plague the investment industry. His experience dealing with clients and the damaging effects of the tech bubble and eventual collapse is a major influence on Servō’s diversified approach to managing portfolios.

In 2002, Eric moved to Oklahoma City and went to work for Charles Schwab, the firm that still serves as the primary custodian for Servō Wealth Management's clients. While at Schwab, Eric attained the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and began working with many individuals and families who remain Servō clients today. Prior to co-founding Servō Wealth Management with Paige, Eric worked for two independent Registered Investment advisory firms (RIAs), one in Oklahoma City and another outside of San Francisco, California.

Eric’s intense spirit of independence, his passion for helping his clients to achieve and maintain financial independence, and belief in the virtue of “simplifying complexity” is what led him to start Servō Wealth Management, where he is responsible for developing investment policies, managing the firm’s clients, and ongoing communication and research efforts.

Eric is a recognized expert in the areas of retirement planning and "asset-class" investing. His newsletters and blog articles are regularly published on Real Clear Markets and profiled on Think Advisor and Sensible Investing TV, his commentary has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Advisor Perspectives, Morningstar, Reuters and Newsmax. He has also contributed to Amazon Money & Markets.

Managing Principal & Marketing Director

Paige is originally from Oklahoma City and attended Oklahoma State University, studying business administration and finance. In many ways, Paige's career is a mirror image of Eric's, yet her unique experiences are a perfect compliment to Servō's existing strengths.

The early part of her career also began at a major Wall Street brokerage firm in Syracuse, NY in the late 1990s, and subsequently the investment group of a large regional bank. Paige built a strong practice emphasizing education, the importance of a long term investment approach, and staying diversified.

After moving back to Oklahoma City in the early 2000s, Paige decided to leave the investment industry temporarily to manage the marketing department of her father's computer consulting business. It was here that she began to develop her entrepreneurial passion and spirit, an urge she would reluctantly suppress for the next decade. In a short period of time, Paige was able to transform her father's business into a rapidly growing and premier computer consulting organization.  Paige's success continued as she transitioned back to the financial industry, deciding to work for the investment group of a prominent Oklahoma bank. 

Paige is passionate about making Servō the best run, most efficient and successful wealth management firm in the industry. She is responsible for running the marketing and firm outreach and educational efforts.