Servō is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.  We always put their best interests first.  Servō does not accept commissions, hidden fees or other forms of compensation.  The only revenue to our firm comes in the form of direct payment from our clients; some choose to have their investment accounts debited while others prefer to pay directly.  We agree on the most convenient method for our clients prior to engagement.


Servō provides customized investment management and financial planning services for our clients on a “household” basis and we charge a simple percentage-of-assets-under-management (“AUM”) fee.  This arrangement is one that we believe is the most fair for both our clients and our firm.  It ensures that our professional interests are aligned with our clients'—to the extent that we help them make smart decisions with their money: investing well, avoiding unnecessary fees and taxes and sticking with their plan over the long run, they are well positioned to achieve their financial goals and we benefit directly from that success and our business is sustainable.


Our specific fee is based on two things: a rate which will not impinge on our clients’ ability to achieve their long-term financial goals, and one that allows us to work with a limited number of clients with whom we can spend the necessary amount of time and instill the maximum amount of influence.  We don’t charge a fee that puts our success ahead of our clients', nor do we charge cut-rate fees that overwhelm us with clients but prohibit us from providing them the necessary ongoing education, guidance, councel and discipline that is such a crucial ingredient in their long-term success.  Most importantly, our fee is not an arbitrary fixed amount, but instead is directly related to the value we are able to provide our clients over the course of their lifetimes.


Our fee schedule is as follows:


Asset Level

Annual % Fee

First $2,000,000


Above $2,000,000



So, for example, a household with $1M in assets with Servō would pay $10,000 annually (1.0% of the assets) subject to changes in quarterly account values.  A household with $5M in assets with Servō would pay $35,000 annually (1.0% on the first $2M and 0.5% on amounts above $2M) subject to changes in quarterly account values.  For ultra-high net worth clients we usually determine a custom fee level on their assets above $10M which is made on a case-by-case basis.

Servō is currently accepting new clients.  Please contact us for relationship minimums and to discuss your specific situation.