Servō Wealth Management

Servō is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Unlike traditional Wall Street brokerage firms, we have no products to sell and are not compensated by commissions.  We only work for our clients and always put their best interests first.  

We establish long-term relationships with successful individuals and families throughout the country who are serious about reaching their long-term goals and appreciate the advantages of partnering with an advisor who can help them coordinate all aspects of their wealth.

Our financial planning and "asset class" investment processes are designed to help our clients retire financially secure, generate a rising stream of income to last throughout retirement and position them to leave a financial legacy for future generations.  We provide extensive ongoing education and counseling so that our clients have the confidence and discipline to stay with their plans at all times.

We also work with our clients' outside professionals (or make introductions where necessary) to address their ongoing estate planning needs, facilitate their charitable interests, diversify concentrated wealth, minimize tax obligations and help them insure against personal risks.

Explore the Servō website to learn more about us, our process and our views.  Or contact us directly and discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals and Simplify Complexity.